Simplify Your Life With Overhead Door™ Accessories.

Accessories from Overhead Door™ deliver convenient solutions to make everyday living easier. Affordable accessories allow you to power your door from your smartphone or tablet and backup your system in case you lose electricity. Our professional team provides the information and recommendations you need to determine what features are best for you. Check out our showroom or give us a call to get additional information on potential options.

Valuable Features You’ll Love.

Cutting-Edge Accessories Give You Options.

Overhead Door™ delivers smart features for long-lasting performance. Our Battery Backup is your failsafe if the power goes out and our digital wireless keypad helps kids and family get into your home without needing a key! Download the OHD Anywhere App™ to monitor and control the opening and closing of your door. This practical feature helps you keep an eye on kids or arrange for the delivery of items to your house – all from work. Functional and practical solutions simplify and streamline your life with accessories you won’t know how you lived without.

Experienced Repair Protects Your Investment.

When your door isn’t performing as it should, our experienced technicians diagnose the problem quickly to determine the best solution for the problem. From chain repair and replacement to service for accessories, our team is your dependable resource for a long-lasting investment. For after-hours-emergencies, contact our team to schedule service 24/7. Send us your repair request online or give us a call!

Our ESOP Team Is Invested In Your Experience.

At Overhead Door Company of Roanoke™, we provide each employee the opportunity to invest in our employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). With each member of our team personally invested in your experience, you can count on top-notch customer support and expert installation and repair. Ready to work with 100% employee-owned Overhead Door™ for your residential garage door? Contact us to get started.

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