Battery Backup:

The Overhead Door™ battery backup is your failsafe if the power goes out. Once the backup battery is fully charged after 48 hours, you can open and close your door up to 50 times in 24 hours. This feature is critical for people unable to open and close their door manually.


  • Works With Most Openers: Add the battery backup feature to Overhead Door’s Destiny and Odyssey® models of garage door openers.
  • Brand-Name Components: We turned to industry-leader, Interstate Batteries®, to fuel our back-up power. Consumers and professionals consistently rate their batteries the #1 replacement in America.
overhead door battery backup

24/7 Repair & Emergency Service.

Working with Overhead Door Company of Roanoke™ is a smart choice for residential and commercial clients. Our comprehensive suite of products and services protect your home and facility for a long-lasting and dependable investment. With emergency services available and experienced repair just a phone call away, you’re going to like working with Overhead Door™. Contact our team to learn more.

One Bad Storm Will Make You Appreciate A Backup.

The mid-Atlantic region is perfectly situated to experience the effects of diverse weather patterns including tornadoes, hurricanes and snowstorms. For clients considering generators for their home but hesitating over the cost, our backup battery is an economical choice to ensure they can open their door, even if the power goes out! Ready to work with Overhead Door™ for residential garage doors and accessories? Contact us to learn more.

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