The RMX® model from Overhead Door Corporation™ serves commercial clients looking for an operator engineered for light to heavy-duty operations. Quick installation and ease of maintenance delivers a dependable product at an affordable rate. When you’re looking at sectional or rolling steel doors, the RMX® belt-driven model is the ideal choice.


  • Versatile Installation: Choose the mounting option that works best for your door model and application
  • Motorized Performance: Single phase voltage of 115 volts AC and 230 volts AC in ½ hp.
  • Easy To Read Display: Our LCD screen illuminates the controls so they are easy to read. Set-up is clear and concise.
  • Optical Limit System: Designed for functionality, this feature establishes a range of travel through an optical limit stop.
  • SuperBelt®: Your Overhead Door™ instinctively adjusts to create the proper tension for your door.

An Investment In Your Business.

Choosing Overhead Door Company of Roanoke™ for your commercial and residential garage doors is a smart investment in your facility and business. Comprehensive repair services and regular maintenance keeps your door operating as it should. Most repairs can be done onsite through a spring replacement or wiring operator. Ready to learn more? Contact our friendly team to get started. Do you have an emergency repair to schedule? Get in touch. For a small fee, we will get your door repaired quickly and economically.

Your Partner For The Life Of Your Door.

Decades of experience repairing and supplying doors in Roanoke makes Overhead Door Corporation™ the experienced source for your residential and commercial needs. Solid relationships with facilities in our area and a passionately driven team makes us the experienced team you need. As a 100% employee- owned, ESOP organization, each member of our team is invested in your experience. Ready to get started?

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