Scissor Lifts:

McGuire makes their Advance Lifts scissor lifts of heavy-duty steel to provide a durable way to transport and store products more easily.


  • Designs To Serve Different Applications: Our scissor lift options include mezzanine lifts, scissor lift tables, dock lifts, and work access lifts to satisfy the unique needs of your facility.
  • Multiple Load Capacities Available: Our scissor lifts come in several different weight capacities depending on the needs of your facility.

How We Size & Estimate For Your Job.

A number of elements are at play when we estimate and size scissor lifts for your facility. We prefer an onsite visit to learn more about the needs and requirements of your business. Here’s a rough outline of what we consider:

  1. Products: We learn about the products and material you are moving throughout your facility. We discuss weight and size to ensure we recommend the best product for the job.
  2. Loading & Unloading: We discuss the best method to load and unload the scissor lift. In some instances it makes more sense to roll or slide the materials as opposed to lifting and placing them.
  3. Electrical Capacity: We work with your facility manager to identify the electrical capacity of your location. We determine if your power is enough to fuel heavy duty lifts.

Regular Maintenance Protects Your Investment.

Preventative maintenance is a benefit of working with the Overhead Door Company of Roanoke™ team. Our experienced repair and emergency services deliver peace of mind for a smart investment in your facility. Whether it’s for loading dock equipment, doors, or operators, we’ll visit your facility, diagnose any problems, and repair them as soon as possible. Our qualified and trained technicians keep your operation running smoothly with equipment that is dependable and long-lasting. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.

Our Team is Both Personally & Professional Invested.

As a 100% employee owned business, we’re proud to offer each member of our team our employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) for them to invest in their professional future. When each representative is committed to your experience, you can expect superior results. Get in touch with us to learn more about your options.

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